• Optimus Too rarely..
  • B_KiLLeR hey, aren't there people who make smaller dos games anymore? like 3d in 4k? ;-)
  • gawatsux evet. magna = www.twofifty.net [?]
  • dumbfounded this stuff is crazy
  • dila hmm my submissions are crap, i should crank out something new
  • insomniac why isn't anything updated anymore?
  • ALBERT EINSTEIN Every great cause is first championed by an aggressive minority.
  • liangshengxun jj
  • Optimus Einstein is overrated.
  • B_KiLLeR The advent of the 6 pin microprocessors with 256 instructions of storage hit the world. Hard. Programmers and web designers all over the world got paralysed with horror from the news. Earth's revolution is slowing down. Logging off.
  • rauh murrrrrr!!
  • liangshengxun How can I set the ScreenMode to 320x240x16bit ???
  • p01 look at VESA2 ( also called VBE2 ) : mov ax,4f02h ; mov bx,0136h ; int 10h ; normally goes in 320x240x32 ; then you may have to set which bank ( segment ) you are working in, unless you can get the address of the LFB
  • liangshengxun mov al,13/int 10====(320x200x8bit)
  • Optimus Is the submit function fixed?
  • Skate No updates? No new 256 bytes?
  • B_KiLLeR Hey guys! Stop nagging and start coding! Remember this is an archive site. Most demos were submitted years after the given compo.Create a local directory for yourself labeled "256B" and gather your stuff there, back it up monthly, then submit if possible.
  • dila moo
  • B_KiLLeR dila: I assume that was a yes... :)
  • insomniac there, renewed for another year
  • guest hola!
  • dila are we live?
  • owner Dila, depends how often you will visit
  • B_KiLLeR Hey, this works!

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  • Complete archive back ( at last )

    It took 5 months, but I've received the message. Let's put the delay on the count of a new job + some freelance work + more professional contacts + some extreme boredom to touch a code that was working perfectly until the host changed the settings and rights with no warning.2005-06-05 by P01

  • Recent problems

    As many of you saw, there's been some problems recently with the downloads. I was away for almost a month for the birth of my nephew when the host of http://www.256b.com had no better idea than changing the configuration of PHP. Therefore all the prods with an ID above 402 are not available. Btw, I received 2800+ mails of errors and a handfull of inmates noticed me the bug too. I'll fix that as soon as possible. Meanwhile, happy new year!2005-01-02 by P01

  • Page titles, new skin and other minor changes

    One thing bugged me since a while : the title of the prods did not appear in the title of the pages. That thing is fixed. Adding a wildcard in the SEARCH input is not longer mandatory. Some minor things have changed in the XHTML/CSS. And I made a new skin for the site. Your feedback is welcome.2004-11-28 by P01

  • Improvement of the search feature

    Wildcards have been enabled in the SEARCH feature. You can use * or ? like anywhere else. At least that's a significant improvement until I code the Advanced Search feature to allow the search on any field ( name, coder, year, group, ... ).2004-10-21 by P01

  • Hello CPC

    256b.com welcomes its first Amstrad CPC intro. It's called "a bouncing pixel" ( http://www.256b.com/demo/463 ). You'll find the URL of an emulator in the LINKS sections and will btw see the new button I made for pouet.net few days ago.2004-10-18 by P01

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