scx255 by Peci / scoopex

3download this **** 256b scx255.zip

"Simply" uses the speech synthesis DLLs of Windows XP to say: "Welcome to function 2004". Stunning.

ranked 2 @ Function'04 in 2004 on PC

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  • P01 This one really have a "Wow factor". Too bad it requires WinXP.
  • DiLA doesnt seem to work here xp/sp2
  • Intrinsic Certainly original :) I think we could see a few of these now ;p different text and a different effect each time of course :)
  • P01 This awesome intro comes out right in time with the WAI-AA compatibility update of http://www.256b.com . Finally a 256b intro that blind people can enjoy as much as others.
  • kometbomb for once there's something good about sloppily coded microsoft products ;)
  • peci the callange was to call win32 bit code out of a 16bit com file. it took me quite a while to find a bug in the 16bit emulation (vdm) of winxp. everyone who say its just a call should first try to do it.
  • P01 peci: I doubt anybody here will remain stoic about your awesome intro. You made a precedent, and solely for that you deserve respect for a lifetime.
  • peci @all having problems that it doesnt run (on xp):send me your ole32.dll and ntvdm.exe to get the correct ordinals. because each servicepack and update and local version can be different.i am very sorry for that but if i would have called the fun
  • eric The part after offset 117 is only needed for XP.For pre-PentiumPro, replace the "fcomip st1" by "push ax / fcomp st1 / fstsw ax / sahf / pop ax".The part before offset 24 is the XP cheat. The middle bytes 24-117 are a Mandelbrot set drawer.The 32bit prote
  • eric Whoops, got clipped. 32bit protected mode is at offset 110, with hardcoded DLL offsets.Looks like opcode c4c45802 makes the XP DOS box go 0:0 in linear 32bit mode? :-)
  • peci @eric: nice reverse engeneering.this is a bug in the ntvdm which causes the adress 0:0 to be executed.
  • ManUfta xyeTa!

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