GridRunner by MZ1453 / gunnars farvebio (gfb)

3download this **** 256b gridrunner.zip

Some rotating raycasted planed with a holed texture. Looks like the missing link between SQWERZ III and Lattice.

released in 2004 on PC

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  • P01 Really nice. BTW SQWERZ III is @ http://www.256b.com/demo.php?demoId=212 and Lattice @ http://www.256b.com/demo.php?demoId=256
  • kometbomb well this is funny. I was just coding a similar thing :)
  • Optimus Really cool, I wish every pixel was outputted, it's a bit dark in here..
  • StanZ I love it, nice effect
  • FooLman great work
  • baze yummy
  • Corial MZ1453 creates good stuff these days!
  • MathM so kawaii ^o^
  • MadX horny like pink dishes
  • marsh incredible!
  • andre rocks for sure
  • t_e_r_r_o_r da best! u rule!
  • diver this is the best demo on the whole site
  • phazZ Great demo, very atmospheric.

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