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  • A new wave of wallpapers.

    As requested, a set of darker wallpapers have been added to the goodies. I must admit, you were damn right. They really top the shiny ones.2004-10-15 by P01

  • Feed the crowd

    I wanted to do that since while. There's finally an RSS feed for the latest demos and latest comments.2004-10-15 by P01

  • Minor update

    Duplicates have been removed in the LATEST COMMENTS pannel. That way it's easier to keep track of the various prods being commented. I beg your opinion about using a cookie to emphasize the prods commented since your last visit. Do not hesitate to express yourself in the oneliner or via the contact form.2004-10-13 by P01

  • Wallpapers

    Three wallpapers have been added to the goodies section. They depict the main categories of productions hosted here. Hope you'll like them.2004-10-08 by P01

  • New sub-section in the LINKS

    From now on, there's an EMULATOR sub section in the LINKS ( http://www.256b.com/links.php ). That way, it should be a bit easier for everybody to watch the productions on alternative platforms.2004-10-07 by P01

  • Little privacy update

    For the good of the authors and visitors, the "mail the author" feature now uses the contact form. That way, it won't open the email client of the visitors and more important the email addresses of the authors will not be available for spam-bots.2004-10-04 by P01

  • Improved accessibility

    The markup of the site is now in valid XHTML 1.1 and WAI-AA. Therefore it is accessible to disabled persons. You can't imagine the warm feeling it is to know that blind people can now browse the 256bytes demos archive. X__X2004-10-03 by P01

  • Complete archive, news pagination & search plugin

    This week end have been profitable. The script generating the complete archive is fixed. The news now have a pagination and there's a goodies section with a Mozilla Search Plugin. More goodies will follow, but feel free to suggest your ideas.2004-08-29 by P01

  • Categories and latest demos

    The database have been enriched with a category field to sort all the productions hosted here. There's 3 main categories ( demo, game, tool ) declined in all size ( 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 bytes ). They all correspond to a pictogram in the list of productions. Finally a page with all the productions sorted by date is now available.2004-08-15 by P01

  • Links added

    The "Static Line - Issue #31" and "ASM COMPO #7" have been added to the LINKS ( http://www.256b.com/links.php ). Thanks to the inmates who gave them.2004-08-09 by P01

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