• liangshengxun How can I set the ScreenMode to 320x240x16bit ???
  • p01 look at VESA2 ( also called VBE2 ) : mov ax,4f02h ; mov bx,0136h ; int 10h ; normally goes in 320x240x32 ; then you may have to set which bank ( segment ) you are working in, unless you can get the address of the LFB
  • liangshengxun mov al,13/int 10====(320x200x8bit)
  • Optimus Is the submit function fixed?
  • Skate No updates? No new 256 bytes?
  • B_KiLLeR Hey guys! Stop nagging and start coding! Remember this is an archive site. Most demos were submitted years after the given compo.Create a local directory for yourself labeled "256B" and gather your stuff there, back it up monthly, then submit if possible.
  • dila moo
  • B_KiLLeR dila: I assume that was a yes... :)
  • insomniac there, renewed for another year
  • guest hola!
  • dila are we live?
  • owner Dila, depends how often you will visit
  • B_KiLLeR Hey, this works!
  • B_KiLLeR http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/php-captcha-class-simple-php-captcha-example/ <- SPAM protection!
  • g0blinish now captcha with any posts. Fuck you stupid japs!
  • sensenstahl code!
  • Gillian Seed best website ever
  • dila does this work? :)
  • i336_ does this work?
  • vc bitches
  • derp herp herp deeeerpp!
  • shiny buurp
  • tr tr
  • TomCat hello there - 2018. september
  • sh hi,tomcat!

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  • Complete archive back ( at last )

    It took 5 months, but I've received the message. Let's put the delay on the count of a new job + some freelance work + more professional contacts + some extreme boredom to touch a code that was working perfectly until the host changed the settings and rights with no warning.2005-06-05 by P01

  • Recent problems

    As many of you saw, there's been some problems recently with the downloads. I was away for almost a month for the birth of my nephew when the host of http://www.256b.com had no better idea than changing the configuration of PHP. Therefore all the prods with an ID above 402 are not available. Btw, I received 2800+ mails of errors and a handfull of inmates noticed me the bug too. I'll fix that as soon as possible. Meanwhile, happy new year!2005-01-02 by P01

  • Page titles, new skin and other minor changes

    One thing bugged me since a while : the title of the prods did not appear in the title of the pages. That thing is fixed. Adding a wildcard in the SEARCH input is not longer mandatory. Some minor things have changed in the XHTML/CSS. And I made a new skin for the site. Your feedback is welcome.2004-11-28 by P01

  • Improvement of the search feature

    Wildcards have been enabled in the SEARCH feature. You can use * or ? like anywhere else. At least that's a significant improvement until I code the Advanced Search feature to allow the search on any field ( name, coder, year, group, ... ).2004-10-21 by P01

  • Hello CPC

    256b.com welcomes its first Amstrad CPC intro. It's called "a bouncing pixel" ( http://www.256b.com/demo/463 ). You'll find the URL of an emulator in the LINKS sections and will btw see the new button I made for pouet.net few days ago.2004-10-18 by P01

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