256 bytes Tetris by MATRIX / ?

3download this **** 256b Tetrisz.zip

Improved version of "mzyz-01 ( tetris 256b ) by megasys", featuring a game over check this time.

released in 2004 on PC

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  • Matrix hey, we're in same group, should it bother me?
  • DiLA it obviously does ;)
  • P01 the game over check is enjoyable // group name fixed/removed ;)
  • LGDT tetris...
  • B_KiLLeR I would put it onto some board if I were you, coz' i see a lot more bytes left to clean, having 3 (or more) mods of the same tertis @256b would be a bit silly... [need: score or time running, width/spd trim w/ key, mode restore@end, etc.]
  • megamanx Dude, fix your site!
  • Matrix i'll submit it again ...
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