pad50b by Liang Sheng Xun / xun

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colorpad 50b

released in 2004 on PC

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  • kometbomb I think you can still shave off a few bytes ;)
  • Preacher shouldn't it become even smaller if you do push 0a000h/pop es and exit the program with ret?
  • P01 I wouldn't be surprised if it could be done in ~32bytes. Other ideas : mov bh,0a0h / mov bx,es // les bp,[bx]
  • kometbomb push 0xa050/pop es/xor di,di (now es:di is shifted 0x500 bytes)
  • kometbomb and if I'm not wrong, di is always 0 when a .com is executed
  • Tyler Durden Nop, di=0fffeh
  • kometbomb -2 or 0... close enough ;)
  • Liang Sheng Xun Hey,Preacher, push0a000h/pop is good too,but I will make the AL be 00h first,so mov AX0000 is not bad too.About the ret,,,yes, you are right!
  • Liang Sheng Xun mov bh,0a0h / mov bx,es // les bp,[bx],,,,,,??what's this??? Teach me Please, p01
  • anonymous <<push 0xa050/pop es/xor di,di>>,Oh,It's Good idea! and when it over,is not DI be f800 ? ooh,sorry,I has not check it.hehe,,,
  • Liang Sheng Xun Web Site manager,Help me,Delet the demo471-colorpad52b and put this on there,OK ? please ,
  • P01 "les bp,[bx]" puts the end of mem (9fffh) in ES and 20cdh in BP, but you can replace BP by any other register. And 9fffh is just 16 bytes before A000h. // Why should I delete Colorpad52b ?
  • Liang Sheng Xun hehe,,,P01,Thank you,Hou many long time i learn the asamble,i can be such you ? you are greet !!!! i will study and study, hihi---,i no have any teacher,i just look some book only.hehe,,, nice site, WWW.256B.COM !!!
  • Anthrax11 Is di really 0fffeh when executed? I always thought it was 0.Anyway, why do you need the 500h offset?And why do you need to return to text mode when done?
  • P01 returning to textmode is more "DOS friendly" ;) but today, it's a hardly useful.
  • Liang Sheng Xun Congratulation!!! 256b relive!!! 500h is "Black tape,height = 4." OK ? 256colors needs 16lines,and one line need 12points.so Total height is 12*16=192 ,but screen is 320*200,so 200-192=8,so put 4 to head,an 4 for bottom. That's all.

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