eXcentricity by Assembler Bot / ?

3download this ***** 256b eXcentricity.zip

simply raytraced tunnels with texture and animated walls ;-]

released in 2004 on PC

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  • Intrinsic Superb
  • DiLA another amazing 256byter
  • kometbomb real purdy colors
  • MathM great job
  • Pirx I don't like it because it fucked me in my face. And there are some shitty pixels down (I have Celeron 433 & Win98), but I don't have time to study the source. COOL INTRO!
  • Dusho Assembler Bot is BEST!
  • int-e That garbage is the stack - replace the inc ah by add ah,10h in the beginning and it disappears.
  • Optimus Great!
  • -asm- int-e: thx man, now it runs without any errors!
  • P01 Excellent. My only regret is that the colors of the screenshot are better than the less saturated ones of the intro.
  • idiomatic boring

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