CyberLand 128b by SerzhSoft / ?

3download this ***** 256b cyberlnd128.zip

ranked 1 @ Cafe 2003 in 2003 on PC

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  • DiLA hehe nice, i recognise your x^y pattern in the background :P
  • Optimus 128b? Cool!!!
  • Pirx Masterpiece.
  • kometbomb sweet. works on xp and exits with esc.
  • anonymous would have been even cooler without the sucky background
  • LGDT very nice sinus xor scroll voxel shit
  • Matrix kinda' crappy, what is this?
  • P01 that's a grayscale sierpinki gasket rendered in voxel above a x^y pattern.
  • s it's a futuristic rotating Cyber City in box-roommed space ;)
  • zxc can't download. WAUGH!
  • DarkAuron spiffy :p 386 version runs faster, but I wish the background wouldn't jiggle. good job :)
  • F0GX nice! can you give us the source?
  • megaman any problem to dizasm 128b? :)

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