FENIKS by Pirx / ind

3download this *** 256b Feniks.zip

The Waves Of Estrogen In Intimate Womanly Gaze

released in 2004 on PC

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  • Evil Jamez wow, that made me dizzy.Here's something fun to try with this demo.Try stareing directly at the center of the screen for about 30 seconds, then try looking at your hand. ~ freaky.
  • P01 good for 32bytes intro. The colors are a bit dark though.
  • Pirx Thx. Colors are erotic I think. Like last 3 bytes.
  • DiLA quality ;)
  • negative i think it's the best 32b i have ever seen
  • wow look at the last 3 bytes in hexa editor
  • Niania Pirx, a moze by tak teraz aparat Conwey'a, dywanik Sierpinskiego albo "wagine" Mandelbrota w 16 bajtach? :)
  • Matrix well, its kinda' shitty, it does "sex" @ the end instead of exit
  • Niania Matrix: sometimes sex is better than exit...
  • Matrix :)
  • anonymous '

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