a bouncing pixel by Optimus / Dirty Minds

3download this *** 256b bpixel.zip

The first 256b on CPC. Just a moving pixel. Takes 1kb on disk because of the file system, but there is Z80 code of exactly 256b size included.

released in 2004 on CPC

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  • Optimus To run: RUN "BPIXEL.BIN"To assemble: Download Winape32 emulator, run it, press F1 to go to Basic, press F6 to open the assembler, Open the asm file, Ctrl+F9 to Assemble, write CALL &4000 in Basic.
  • m3nt0r Good job Optimus, keep the korilla high :) m3nt0r/nasty bugs
  • rac^dug optimus rewlz.

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