Tentacle by DiLA / ?

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Please view under XP. Don't hold your breath...

released in 2004 on PC

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  • DiLA tried takin a screeny, but couldnt capture both "tentacles" :/
  • P01 o__? in W2Ksp4 I see a flickering dashed curve in blue and red, and nothing in WXPsp1
  • Intrinsic Getting better DiLA, keep it up. And thats what i also see P01, or sounds similar anyways. WXPsp1a
  • DiLA its anoying that this code is not generic
  • JAW i like it looks like a flowing double helix here
  • MathM I like it too ! hail to the DiLA ! :p
  • MATRIX A big lol to Dila :)this was my first impression on the code
  • MATRIX i don't have time to comment your code,but if you clear the screen after each half sine you will never be able to cach both in the same time :),and what whould it be like if you don't use fpu for adding y offset?
  • DiLA yeh it sucks

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