SETKA by Pirx / ind

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Intensely Erotic Tacts Of Arithmetic Coprocessor

released in 2004 on PC

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  • kometbomb bizarre. I like it.
  • Intrinsic funkadelic!
  • DiLA wow! wierd and wouderfull
  • Optimus That's really funky baby! =)
  • borek Very good! It's fantastic job!
  • MathM nutritive
  • Niania No Pirx, to tw?j wielki dzień. To Tw?j debiut na scenie. Nie wolno Ci dzisiaj być trzeźwym:)
  • negative in engish: VERY VERY GOOD. I THINK IT'S GREAT.in polish: ZAJEBISTE :)
  • spec very psychodelic indeed,cool generators(some spirals and some others nice animated shapes)cool. pozdro pirx, z gdynii :)
  • Inqb No, niezle
  • LGDT i don't like this one.
  • Matrix that adc di,ax ; cmp bh,[si] is interesting @ the end :)
  • konrad Wow! It is very good demo! Title is very intresting. Cangratulations!

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