flask2k by ToM / Terror Opera

3download this ** 256b flash2k.zip

my first 256: recursive flashes.Nothing special, but archive includes source.enjoy.

ranked 8 @ Demobit '00 in 2000 on PC

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  • DiLA not working here
  • monkeyhockey not working.
  • Tyler Durden Whatta you talking 'bout ? It's warking on my XP SP1 nice !
  • P01 doesn't work for me with W2Ksp4
  • Intrinsic Dunne work for me either XP SP1a
  • B_KiLLeR Replace the two "OUT 43H,AL" with NOPs [6 byte gain] (or use "MOV AL,0xD2 / OUT 0x43,AL" once [~2 byte gain], though latching may need some setup time (+NOPs!) on older PCs (haven't tested it yet)) //I didn't dare to try the included binary =)

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