STARDUST by DiLA / SocketX

3download this *** 256b stardust.zip

A 32 bytes vertical and multicolor starfield.

ranked 5 @ EFNET asm compo 9 in 2004 on PC

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  • MathM Another fine product by DiLA !! ;P
  • DiLA :P - it was a very lucky 32b
  • phazz whoohoo :) great!
  • dianne what's this thing for?
  • DiLA its a coding demonstration, i wrote it for fun
  • MATRIX :)lolit is really a thing you can laugh on
  • B_KiLLeR MATRIX: Well, it may not be the "coding demonstration" you expect from top-prop-heads [Though i have done the same in 21b... :) ], A) he told you he only wrote it for the fun, joy and exercise B) Everyone has to start from somewhere... :-)
  • DiLA dont be afraid to submit your demo's, matrix ;)
  • P01 actually the scrolling method is dead simple but extremely efficient. I just wonder why you used a variable COLOR, and didn't used a STOSB instead of MOV [ES:DI],AL
  • B_KiLLeR DiLA: Here is a simpler version: // MOV AL,13H/ INT 10H/ LdS BP,[BX]/DRAW:/ INC bx/ MOV ax,0e20h/ INT 10H/ add cx,di/ xchg cx,di/ mov [di],bl/ in al,60h/ cbw/ dec ax/ jnz DRAW/ mov al,3/ int 10h/ ret//
  • DiLA im on the case :P

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