Starway 128 by Tyler Durden / ?

3download this *** 256b starway.zip

Hi ! That's just one of my oldest introsbut, hey 3d starfields exist only in 256b :(not good, so I release this one in 127b...

released in 2004 on PC

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  • Tyler Durden Yep, and make a screenshot for it please... I forgot...
  • B_KiLLeR Nice attempt, but must it do the flickering thing so hard??? BTW: Could you check if http://www.monkeymanv2.com/users/256ar/ is internationally available?
  • Tyler Durden Yep, it's available, and yep it's pretty hard when your proggy is highly optimized and only one byte remain (may be it's simple, but this written in 20 minutes, so may be in "final" version)
  • Intrinsic Tyler, you can save 2 bytes by replacingpush 0a000hpop eswithles bp,[bx]
  • Intrinsic Gahh, you know what i mean i think :) les bp,[bx]
  • Tyler Durden Les bp,[bx] doesn't work all the time, 'couse "the first byte after program memory allocated" not always 0a000h...
  • Intrinsic Yeah it can be a bit wierd, but i've only come across that problem once myself.
  • B_KiLLeR I've came across that problem many times, but in this case, +/- 16 pixels wouldn't matter that much! (in bitdraw0.com it looked worse...) I've heard people complaining about it too.
  • DiLA love it! i have the (not so efficient) m$ version as my screeensaver :P
  • P01 file updated. BTW nice starfield

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