3D BLOB by MZ1453 / gunnars farvebio (gfb)

3download this ***** 256b 3dblob.zip

Some colorful 3d metaballs on a gray X AND Y pattern

released in 2004 on PC

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  • P01 those soft balls are rock solid!
  • kometbomb so, I think metaballs are now completely conquered in 256 bytes... what next? :)
  • Intrinsic Dude, you are just too good. Superb.
  • cryo cute!
  • Optimus I like 3d metaballs!
  • bit i like your balls =)
  • corial best 256b ever
  • bfx great work! one of the best i've ever seen.
  • LGDT niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
  • MathM v3ry g3wd :{D
  • nerzuhl very neat
  • spec wow, metaballs in 256b!Just incredible!
  • MATRIX hy, could you make one not pixel doubled? it whould look better
  • Guybrush not really 3D though, it's layers of 2D. :P

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