blip by yobi / wAMMA

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A simple plasma and a landscape with clouds.

ranked 5 @ Stream'03 in 2003 on PC

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  • Intrinsic Fan fncking tastic!
  • baze hats off, looks very cool
  • P01 WOW! visually it's a bit blocky ( but I'm picky ), technically it's amazing.
  • tyly fantastic
  • B_KiLLeR >1 acts, nice&smooth gfx w/ palette, smart reusing of calc data, exit on keypress. Four big thumbs up for you! dddd
  • DiLA wow, a lovely 256byter...
  • corial quite innovative - good programming
  • MathM Good job ;)
  • LGDT nagyon kir?ly. :) t?k j?, t?nyleg!
  • B_KiLLeR Illetlenseg masok elott Hungarianul beszelni nem tudtad? ;-) Is the author hun?
  • yobi Thanks for your comments people. And I'm Finnish.
  • Optimus Wow! Some new cool 256b intro!
  • srw great work!
  • xun cool!
  • kometbomb suomi finland perkele >:O
  • LGDT If you are finnish, you can almost understand hungarian :))))
  • nerzuhl Very cool.
  • Fillbert really cool... kicks ass
  • Kurunukko Wery good work,son. Now this is my favorite screen-saver.
  • etak impressive.
  • Pirx Ranked 5 @ Stream'03. Should be presented on 256B compo - I'm sure would be 1st. Just fantastic!

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