Boosty by Khamoon / Tube27

3download this ***** 256b boosty.zip

Really nice and well designed intro. A must see.. I like it!

ranked 3 @ Xenium '99 in 1999 on PC

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  • Optimus One of my favorites 2d, designers colors in 256b, smooth and nice!
  • poi it's one of the rare 256b that can be taken for *real* demo effect
  • galen One of the best 256b intros. Design!!!
  • Mark Rejhon Mind numbing hypnoswirl effect with liquid gold
  • dTkPAEz Design! that looks awesome
  • las one of the best 256b'S
  • Iron Wallaby Excellent effect. The scrolling parts are really what set it apart.
  • Pirx Zajebiste. Are there any polish 256B intros better than Khamoon's prods?

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