80byte heart shaped tunnel by LGDT / LGDT / ccore

3download this *** 256b hsmt.zip

80byte heart shaped tunnels2 versions, one with texture

released in 2004 on PC

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  • Intrinsic I <3 you too!
  • MathM :} I love it !
  • LGDT if i had removed the wait-for-esc part from the first version, it would be 63bytes :)
  • LGDT i think i will submit it in a comment :D
  • Optimus Hahaha. Great ideas!!!
  • P01 wow! regarding, the submission of the 63bytes version in the comments, hum... I'm not sure the assembly code would fit in ~256bytes textarea :\ , BTW have you received my mail ?
  • very cool
  • LGDT the 63 byte version sometimes crashes. i don't know why. sorry. :(here's a 64 byte one:B013CD106800A00789C30FAFDB01D0F7E801C3740C31D266B8C027090066F7F3414929C8243F0420AA89F831D2BB4001F7F32D780081EAA0007FCDF7DAE9C8FF
  • LGDT P01: sorry, i have lost your e-mail address.
  • P01 LGDT: webmaster[at]p01.org ;) ho, and your 63 bytes version reminded me to add a chunk_split() to the commetns :p ( and oneliner )
  • gr0 h0t, h0t, h0t! make 80 byte demos, not war!
  • xun B013CD106800A00789C30FAFDB01D0F7E801C3740C31D266B8C027090066F7F3414929C8243F0420AA89F831D2BB4001F7F32D780081EAA0007FCDF7DAE9C8FF what's this ?
  • xun mov al,13/int 10/push a000/pop es/mov bx,ax and what's the meaning afters?
  • squezel cool stuff dudez, respect! www.leondustar.nl
  • LGDT xun: i'll submit the source :)
  • LGDT mov al,13h int 10h push word 0A000h pop esmain mov bx,ax imul bx,bx add ax,dx imul ax add bx,ax jz no2 xor dx,dx
  • LGDT haha mov eax,600000 div ebx inc cxno2 dec cx sub ax,cx and al,63 add al,32 stosb
  • LGDT mov ax,di xor dx,dx mov bx,320 div bx sub ax,120 sub dx,160 jg main neg dx jmp main
  • nerzuhl groovy
  • B_KiLLeR PH5~~PY0H+0H/1H70H:1H;1H>1HC%@A4E=PP^_X@P-<!rz$?4@PZXQktnQQsy+SX@csM`|lHXA@E@^t[@_}[CxBo_A`C{BLLndY]L@yPB`Yo?l`RRyDdpOHDTUtcsxR]K@`o?Lm^@P`WU@@~O{{[]}d
  • B_KiLLeR PH5~~PY0H+0H/1H70H:1H;1H>1HC%@A4E= =PP^_X@P-<!rz$?4@PZXQktnQQsy+SX@cs M`|lHXA@E@^t[@_}[CxBo_A`C{BLLndY]L@yPB`Yo? l`RRyDdpOHDTUtcsxR]K@`o?Lm^@P`WU@@~O{{[]}d Space at "E= =P" too. End of first line is "@cs ", afterwards part can be crlf'ed.
  • P01 B_KiLLeR: So lovely! And a brilliant homage.
  • B_KiLLeR LGDT, wouldn't it be more relevant to call it "64 b xxx" and put it in cat64? Also you could put the source in a ".asm" too if you're at it =) [you could include the 80b com if you really want too, but with that few changes it would worth it...]
  • B_KiLLeR *...wouldn't...* & OMFG, i forgot to rate it!? Nice prod, cool colours, smooth effect and lovely[ ;-) ] size too! Good work, i wonder what you could get out of a full 256b! :D
  • Pirx I like this one.
  • B_KiLLeR I typed "heart", but got a 404 =)

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