CITY by MZ1453 / gunnars farvebio (gfb)

3download this **** 256b city.zip

A flight above a city lit from the top and rendered in voxel.

released in 2004 on PC

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  • Intrinsic Fudge me, i love it. Superb.
  • P01 I already said by mail to MZ1453, but it's worth saying it here, I love it too.
  • ekoli really nice & really fast! Good going!
  • Guybrush[ND] awesome!
  • komebomb nice and simple way to beef up the ol' voxel landscape thing :)
  • cryo great! Fast and 3dish.
  • MathM Great !
  • Optimus Amazing Idea!!!
  • dTkPAEz awesome look to that
  • nerzuhl very cool!
  • xun how can i upload my 256byte demo ?
  • P01 xun: do you see the SUBMIT item in the navigation ? BTW, the best way to get some infos is either the ONELINER on the HOME or the CONTACT page ;)
  • DiLA "rendered in voxel"?
  • P01 Voxel landscape if you prefer. Though I haven't dissassembled it to make sure but it's quite likely that the rendering technique is similar to "Poledne Dot Com" or "I like ya, Tweety!" or the ubber famous mars.exe
  • Intrinsic Each pixel is represent in 3D space(x,y,z cords) basically. There are several Voxel based 256bs on here, Tweety as P01 mentioned, comatose( http://www.256b.com/demo/278 ) Oxlpka all by Silique. And there are other examples of course. afaik :)
  • corial refreshing and high quality, well done Jakob.
  • yangwenli to build a 256b demo, what shoud i use, masm5 ,tasm or fasm?
  • anonymous yangwenli: You should REALLLLY discuss this kind if things using the ONELINER not the COMMENT feature! Anyway: I use nbasm (its only 14K!) and machine language. All others use fasm for 256bs i think...
  • Intrinsic Fasm is my favourite atm, some use nasm and some still use tasm. Fasm is what i personally would recommend.
  • B_KiLLeR Oh.. & sy 4 D anonym thingy, I couldn't send 4 3 ts, swtchd opts, td agn, bt 4got 2 set nk...
  • Intrinsic Anyone else no understand a word B_KiLLeR said? :)
  • B_KiLLeR By the way.. sorry for sending my last message anonym: I could not send my comment at first, despite the fact I tried it for three times. Afterwards, I modified my browser's options, but when resending my original message, I forgot to set the nick.
  • P01 B_KiLLeR: what kind of browser option have you tuned ?
  • B_KiLLeR "Enable referrer logging" in "Opera 7.50" solved it I think, but I switched more items while I was trying to make it work... This op worked with most other sites before. [no prb.]
  • P01 Ok, that's normal. I'm checking the referer to prevent http://www.256B.com from "lame script kiddies"
  • Intrinsic I know that i am unable to post msgs to this site if i have set my firewall to block cookies, i didn't have to touch anything in Opera at my end.
  • P01 I use no cookies on 256b.com I've double checked in FireFox's cookie manager, and I have NO cookie. And I'm typping this message with the cookie disabled.
  • Intrinsic I can only guess that ZoneAlarm does something else then aswell as cookies when i set Cookie Control on.
  • Wizzard oh my god! beeautiful!
  • LGDTq very good idea, but the kodink sux
  • marsh wow!incredible 256 bytes.Bravo man!
  • hehe hehe
  • +serdar :P bune şimdi yaa alla alla
  • Sandalay constructible more boxxs
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