Mickey by DiLA / SocketX

3download this ** 256b mickey.zip

Unique mouse pointer effect.See how wiggling your mouse affects this demo. A re-worked version of Wave, my first intro.I'll stop submitting this crap now, until I can write something more impressive :P

released in 2004 on PC

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  • Intrinsic Nice :) and unique!
  • MathM Nothing particular under windows XP. The wave doesn't move with the mouse
  • DiLA You using a microsoft mouse?
  • Tyler Durden Mine is "waving"
  • DiLA At least Tyler can enjoy it, hehe
  • MathM Yup, a micro$oft mouse
  • DiLA Shame, i thought it was generic :/
  • Intrinsic What i see is the mouse pointer waving frmo side to side and i can move the mouse to distort the wiggle. Is that what i'm meant to see? :)
  • Intrinsic Oh and m$ mouse here too. Intellimouse 2.
  • Intrinsic Non wireless btw, dunno if that would effect it though.
  • DiLA Doesnt sound right :/ A new line character is suposed to push the mouse cursor up the screen, reset the real pointers position and repeat, it looks a bit like 'Wave', but with a pointer.

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