moebius by cryo / ByTeGeiZ

3download this ***** 256b bg_moebius.zip

-> moebius <- 256 byte intro for 0a000h 2004 by cryo / ByTeGeiZ

ranked 2 @ 0a000h 2004 in 2004 on PC

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  • Intrinsic I love it :)
  • Optimus That's really great!!!
  • MathM very good :)
  • LGDT OMFG this is the best. is it an implicit or an explicit function?
  • cryo Explicit. It just evaluates the parametric equation for enough points.
  • LGDT it is pretty fast.
  • DiLA nice!
  • Optimus Its great!!!
  • gr0 perfect. simply perfect.
  • kometbomb pretty cool, would rule more if the shape was animated
  • Piet I will install it as my favorite screensaver!
  • ladbrokes feydb367czuft, <a href="http://totallycrushedoutmag.com/">ladbrokes</a>, BECtHPd, [url=http://totallycrushedoutmag.com/]ladbrokes[/url], TcmuOmS, http://totallycrushedoutmag.com/ ladbrokes, BlFwdrF.

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