TVTOOB 48 Byte by Mark Rejhon / None

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Demo written by Mark D. Rejhon in 1992 that simulates TV static on old fashioned TV, in 48 bytes. This is no "Tube" (Baze - wow!), but I was just a teenager when I coded this before the Internet days.

released @ 1992 hobby in 1992 on PC

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  • Mark Rejhon Uploaded March 2004. Don't know why I never tried joining a compo in the past. Ah well!
  • Optimus Wow! That could be the first tiny intro ever but released 12 years later! =)
  • Intrinsic Any more Mark? the more the merrier :)
  • Mark Rejhon Wish I did.... Actually personally released only -- It was put on my ViDDiBBS bulletin board system in 1992 -- and on my homepage in 1997. Google/Yahoo for "ViDDiBBS"
  • Mark Rejhon My assembly knowledge really only reigned during the C64 days -- I developed a demo called "Super Mister" which used one-pixel-at-a-time scalable/zoomable "sprites" on the Commodore 64 (this used to be the domain of SEGA arcade machines in the mid 1980's!
  • Mark Rejhon My vast majority of past ASM programming is in http://www.marky.com/files/64/mark64.zip (recommended emulator is CCS64) ... try "Super Mister" and "SpaceZoom"
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