Doh !! by Algotech & MathM / Escadre

3download this ***** 256b Doh!!.zip

a 256 bytes breakout game ASM Rulez !

released on PC

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  • Bhaal Good job :) Next step: breakout game on 2,56Go with full gfx effects :))
  • MathM Two talented coders were needed for this. XD Original code yeaaars ago by Algotech, I help him to minimize its size.
  • kometbomb awesome
  • Intrinsic All we need now is Algotech Revenge of Doh!! Arkanoid was great
  • Optimus Cool enough, however the board moves per pixel exactly as the ball, so there are sometimes when I know I have definitelly lost if I am too late to seek the ball's movement.
  • MathM Yep... It also lacks some random starting values :X
  • RzR and ... i remember i payed for arkanoid on TO7
  • Serval simple and good
  • Algotech Next challenge : Tetris !
  • Intrinsic Tetris: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=6951
  • Algotech ho nooooooooo !
  • P01 a 256b version of nibbles shouldn't be too hard
  • Intrinsic Nibbles! YES! :) Did a textmode version in Pascal like 10 year ago when i was in college :)
  • MathM Nibble ? it can be done in 80 bytes ! btw we'll make a better tetris than this one !
  • Intrinsic Cool MathM :) Can't wait for it
  • reset00 Great GAME!Can I distribute the zip on my DOS website?
  • Reset00 I would also like to include it in an Arachne 1.73 GPL distribution with full credit to authors at http://www.reset00.com
  • Algotech It's OK Reset00, and thx : it's the beginning of glory for us ;)
  • MathM ^^ yep, you can use the file, you have our permission ;)

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