Blobdistort201 by Optimus / ?

3download this **** 256b blobdistort201.zip

3 Blobs distorting a XOR texture. I could have done more since I had space but I decided to release it as it is.

ranked 1 @ 0a000h 2004 in 2004 on PC

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  • Intrinsic V nice :)
  • cryo You could have used the bytes to generate a better texture :-) Anyways, congrats again!
  • baze wow, congrats :>
  • shr cryo, you are right! it can be more colorful, with a better texture... in this state it isn't a big bang, we saw such effect already. but grat anyway ;)
  • kometbomb good job
  • Tyler Durden Yep :) Like it !
  • mw wow... get those other 55 bytes filled! :)
  • las nice ;)
  • P01 yep, nice and worth a final version
  • MathM nice and small :D
  • nik smooth. even he does not like coprocessor :-)) like fsin
  • Optimus Thank you. Yes I should have filled the rest (and parts could even optimized more) but might state was like "let's release that because I don't have the motivation to work harder for the scene..". I was surprised to get the 1st place, since Moebius was mo
  • Optimus oh well,. I shouldn't write that much ;)
  • MathM Yeah. You wrote more than 256bytes ;)
  • Nuclear Very nice effect! :)I saw it on dosbox and it was ofcourse quite slow, I'll try it on my DOS machine one of these days to enjoy it full speed :) Still a very nice effect on 256bytes, congratulations for the 1st place :)
  • DiLA incredible, congrads!
  • FOGX quote: but i decided to rekease it as it is...... anyway the first place - youre my favourite coder!

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