Kefrens Without For by CyberBrain / NoName

3download this  256b Kefrens_Without_For_(256byte-intro).zip

256Byte-Intro for C64 -Vertical Rasters (=Kefrens bars) in 256 bytes for da C64. This time wih double sinus! Now it moves like it's supposed to.Check it at http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=11964

released on C64

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  • CyberBrain People thought my last 256b'er was lame ("kefrens without gosub"), so i got angry and made it better. Now it moves as it's supposed to! Next step is to put it into the borders in 256 bytes :)
  • Optimus Yeah! It's much better now!!!
  • Intrinsic twice as much sexiness!
  • cruzer coolest 256b effect i have seen on c64!

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