Tiniest DPMI (69b) by Tyler Durden / ?

3download this ** 256b dpmi.zip

Tiniest DPMI (69b) by Tyler Durden for use with your 256b protected mode intros :) Tiny DPMI by Maxwell Sayles ? Forget about it ;) This version is not optimized, written in a few minutes... "Intro" :) inside is from Tiny DPMI by Maxwell Sayels just fo

released in 2003 on PC

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  • MZ1453 Thanks alot for this useful "utility"! DPMI has been a riddle to me until now!!
  • Optimus Yep,. that's something that has never been done before, however real mode is enough for tiny intro categories..
  • P01 Yep, I wonder what use could be made of DPMI in a 256b intro... doing and replaying some preclac..in 256 - 69 = 187 bytes seems difficult and probably useless
  • tmb this is awesome =D maybe not so useful but still interesting
  • Tyler Durden This is very usefull if u wanna make True Color 1600x1200 protected mode 256b intro... Really, Just imagine - no banks, USE LFB ! :)
  • blala we made a vesa/lfb/640x480x16bit/DOS/pmode 4k once... (ok i know, 4k is not 256b :)

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