Colder than ice by Shr / MoleCoola

3download this **** 256b shr_ice.zip

Waving water, thundering sky from a rotating view... or similar. That buglike thing is intended.

ranked 2 @ Function'03 in 2003 on PC

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  • shr next time I will make a better one. now I was in bad shape and the coding was stressful. maybe the sky was a mistake, but anyway... I released something again. Mixed feelings :( I would like to know what do you think about it?
  • P01 nice animation. The sky flickers a little when it's almost vertical, on my W2K
  • Jolle Cool, but that buglike thing is a bit buglike ;)
  • shr I usually don't use not clean (buglike) things, but no problem. I have good intros too :)
  • Optimus I like it, even if you don't =)
  • tmb the animation adds to the otherwise common 3D stuff (d amn x87...) in 256btros :)
  • nick nice idea, but why publish unfinished thing?
  • shr nick, it's finished thing. I did it on the party though. but I want never touch it again. if you don't like it, delete it from your winchester ;)
  • DiLA hotter than a rolling dice?
  • MathM sexy code
  • baze yummy, it even VSync-s :)
  • wjvuynvnap gemlo367czuft, <a href="http://www.voyuxkmets.com">iysytsxnzy</a>

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