J?zus Sz?ve Okozza a Napkit?r?st by Alvaro Acwellan / MoleCoola

3download this ***** 256b alv_jsz.zip

It's a fractalflame in 256 byte! The idea came from a fractalflame creator program called Apophysis :)

ranked 1 @ Function'03 in 2003 on PC

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  • shr Its title means "Jesus's Heart is that Causes Sun Eruptions!". Its Alvaro's first winner 256b intro (and in the future I do everything against such incidents ;) OK, everything that a 256b lover coder can do legally ;)) and also a really good one. I lik
  • shr it's just cut off the end or what? well, again: I like its forms and colors and hip, hip, hurray for the brandnew winner! :)
  • P01 great
  • Gem Ownz!
  • Optimus Ja, very original effect!
  • las holyshit
  • tmb awesome. I wonder where I could read more about this algorithm?
  • P01 it looks like some IFS display in additive mode and set in fire.
  • Intrinsic Fractal Flames were devised by Scott Draves. flam3.com/flame.pdf is a paper on the mathematics behind them. flam3.com has more info.
  • DiLA this is amazing
  • MathM this one roxxor mah boxxor
  • lgdt very nice work, in hungarian: kibaszottkurvaj?
  • LGDT !!!! Alvaro and shr ARE GIRLS !!!! O.o
  • B_KILLeR HUGi - female PC geeks???
  • Optimus LGDT: Where have you read this? :)
  • NinjaDRM I really like it!
  • LGDT i'm not sure, but they are hungarian, and they have photos on a hungarian phpboard.
  • LGDT there she is: http://w3.netelek.hu/alvaro84/SZERZO1.JPG
  • Root All your base are belong to us!
  • shr khm. believe me: Alvaro is NOT a girl. at most seems to be one ;)
  • Fillbert respect!!!

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