TexTorus by MZ1453 / gunnars farvebio (gfb)

3download this **** 256b TexTorus.zip

A 255 bytes 256 bytes texturemap torus

released in 2003 on PC

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  • P01 Yeah, really nice!
  • Jolle Nice...
  • Optimus VOTE!
  • baze not bad at all : >
  • StanZ Great!
  • tmb ok, this pretty much rules
  • shr wow :)
  • fuse fucking awesome
  • las gr8
  • blala no perspective :(
  • nick great 3dstuff, poor optimizing tricks
  • MathM cool
  • qbolec i can see only blue screen [duron 750, gf2Ti], win2000]
  • P01 have you tried to extract the file of the archive before runing it ?
  • LGDT blala: yeah, no perspective, no global illumination, no sub surface scattering. :( stupid

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