Plasma Intro by Tyler Durden / Tyler Durden

3download this **** 256b plasma.zip

ranked 2 @ 7DX 2004 in 2004 on PC

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  • Broken Sword Wow! It's very cool!!!!
  • Optimus Thumbs up for the nickname :)
  • StanZ neat
  • me! who is tyler durden? =)
  • Tyler Durden Until you know that you are useless :)
  • not me! Mr. Durden is Calvins best friend Hobes.
  • not Tyler Durden! vote for the best!
  • who !? what !?
  • KByte 'Hobbes' actually.
  • Tyler Durden His name is Robert Paulson
  • Tyler Durden Hey :( There must be any comments... :( PLEASE :)
  • Tyler Durden 251b acctually
  • SkaTe As I've also written to the Deep Blue comments, this part took the second place at 7D4 Demo Party. First place is also Tyler's (Deep Blue). I'd like to see you at 7D5 Tyler :)
  • me this sux
  • MathM Quite cool for a first intro !
  • you quite first for a cool intro
  • Optimus PLASMAS FOR EVER!!!

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