gr3y version 0 by ccore / LGDT

3download this *** 256b gr3y.com

ventilation. please watch faaaaaar away from the monitor. SET MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS for best view. 243=3^5 bytes, unopimized, that's why it is version 0. demoID=256+100 :)

released in 2003 on PC

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  • LGDT uhh how can I upload another screenshot? (i made a mistake)
  • LGDT can u make out what it is? :D
  • tmb a fan?
  • Optimus A radial blurred fan I guess. The colors are very boring. It's good for a start though..
  • LGDT A black fan, i could make a better palette, coz i have some more bytes, but i'm too lazy :)
  • LGDT thanks for the screenshot
  • LGDT and it could be 230 bytes, but 243=3^5 :D

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