Csille (S?derb?nya254) by Shr / MoleCoola

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it's a tunnel effect with a bumped texture (moving light). much party-time coding, so it's a bit unoptimized. it's 254 bytes long and it must be run on an older PCs, though it will be slow. if someone interested in source (with many versions, one can e

ranked 1 @ SceneCON '03 in 2003 on PC

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  • Fillbert rulez
  • LGDT szerintem nem is mozog a f?ny :)
  • Optimus It looks sooooo bumpy! Very nice :)
  • Math'M. pawaa
  • shr the light IS moving, LGDT! look at the code... or to the screen and watch! why not to move? is it bigger? the bump effect is the most bigger thing in it! so a little modification didn't make any harm.
  • shr Optimus said that it doesn't seem to be a real bump. though it IS, and not a very simple one. after calculating a lighted pixel, I combine it with the color of this pixel. I can't explain it more without source =). I will release a nicer "final version
  • shr ...with better palette and maybe better moving...etc. if I can remove some 20 bytes ;)
  • Math'M. U rule
  • LGDT OKOKOK sorry
  • DiLA falling down the rabbit hole ;)
  • Tyler Durden No stars ?!
  • windwakr did the end get cut off of the explanation? whats it say about source?
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