magnet by INT-E / ?

3download this ***** 256b magnet.zip

Three magnetic poles moving around ... and a little extra. Keypress check fails on Win2k - blame MS

released in 2003 on PC

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  • Fillbert Keypress check doesn't fails ... it works. no blame on ms
  • INT-E It definitely fails on some W2k machines. Don't know who is to blame.
  • tmb pretty
  • las nice, works on XP =)
  • Coden Keypress works with XP though! ;-)
  • Math'M. really nice :)
  • P01 wow! ubber cool, and the keypress works on W2K for me
  • Optimus That's really cool. I like this effect very much (I am still wondering how can I code such a think), colors are cool and it also rotates on a floor texture!!!
  • ozn really kewl
  • anonymous 1337
  • nerzuhl The prettiest 256 bytes I ever saw, keep up the good work!
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