Wormy by Blue Cobold / Sm-Blur

3download this  256b wormy.zip

1) Morphing kind of a "worm". 2) working gutt nice crome fx i thing

released on PC

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  • tmb nice, but definitely could be a lot smaller :)
  • Blue Cobold Right, but it's small enough... perhaps I "optimize" one day. :?
  • tmb it's always good practice
  • Blue Cobold Yeah, but 246 [or is the 245-version online?] Bytes are less enough... it would never mess your HD [not even a 1.44MB Disk]. It leaves no real joy to optimize, right? 266 Bytes give more! :)
  • tmb indeed, it's funnier to see what is possible to fit in 256 bytes. though, I often try to add some simple effect if I have some spare bytes (like some blur or fade)
  • Blue Cobold Well, perhaps this is an idea. I can cut some bytes to insert an other effect, too. Maybe it's blured in some days... or has a morphing palette.
  • hanz mm, I like the shading
  • Blue Cobold Shading? Shading is coming soon, but there's no real shading yet..
  • hanz I mean how the palette gets a lil' brighter on the dark end, making it look a bit metallic
  • Blue Cobold Yes, I got it the first time when coding coppers... it was a really cool bug and now I draw every cylinder like that. Saw the newer version? The shading is much better now!
  • Blue Cobold If the down load does not work, try this link: http://home.arcor.de/sille/wormy.zip
  • crs that isn't bad
  • ByteWalker yes, the light look cool
  • ByteWalker yes, the light looks cool
  • Intinsic Pretty cool :)
  • DiLA cool effect :P

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