bluesbox by jazzman / flugeldufel

3download this **** 256b bluesbox.zip

bluesbox composes bass lines, drum patterns, chords and filter sweeps in real time - an eternal, ever-evolving SID jam session. and there's even a light show included. platform: C64. sounds best on old SID

released on C64

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  • tmb to clarify: this is for commodore 64 personal computer. generative music, I like
  • jazzman the c64 is more a home computer than a personal computer :) is this site usually pc only? anyway, to watch the demo on a pc, you can use the VICE emulator (http://viceteam.bei.t-online.de)
  • jazzman http://viceteam.bei.t-online.de
  • P01 Wow. The music is the best I've ever hear in a 256b intro.
  • Intrinsic /drools over the 6581. Music to my ears nice one :)
  • MathM Great job !
  • P01 VICE moved to http://www.viceteam.org/#download
  • tomaes actually, this is quite simple to do on a c64, where you really just need a couple of bytes to play a sound through the sid chip.
  • NinjaDRM Dunno, being a C64-coder, it doesn't amaze me too much. It is not really bad, but also not that special IMHO.
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