radiosa by Baze / 3SC

3download this ***** 256b sa02-i256-radiosa.zip

A volumetric effect, that looks like some glenz metaballs The color scheme is nice.

ranked 1 @ Syndeecate '02 in 2002 on PC

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  • poi I doesn't have the same impact as Lattice, but it still kicks ass
  • baze apologies! i forced myself to code something two days before party and it shows. i promise to be good next time :)
  • poi I hope that's the last time we have to warn you ; ) #1 for a 2 days prods is not that bad : )
  • Myst Speccy roots rocks! Stay ZX! Stay 1st!
  • l33ch file is missing
  • P01 l33ch: Baze website is down, but I mirrored Radiosa on 256b.com
  • kometbomb please mirror lander too :)
  • P01 done. Don't bother to send me a mail if you want that quicker.
  • DiLA little slow
  • pisti72 you are the best. this is my opinion. regards.

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