circular plasma by Galen / Maxter

3download this  256b cplasma.zip

circular mapped plasma how can a plasma be mapped? Actually the plasma texture is mapped...

released on PC

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  • tmb nice colors
  • kabouterplop I can make things like that in QBasic in 5 lines but when I compile it with FirstBasic it gets 30KB :(
  • LGDT use asm.
  • poi the colors are unsual for a demo but I like them
  • PieniPoika kabouterplop give me the sources ! I want see that in basic
  • der Bregen Mama, thats a shot!!!!!
  • Intrinsic Only 5 lines when he has several instructions on one line ;p
  • zxc trippy!
  • ozn that's cute!!!

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