Solar Eclipse by CYC0 / LGDT

3download this **** 256b solar.zip

Solar Eclipse effect done in 30 minutes. very short: 10 seconds. the URL doesn't work, it'll be fixed

released in 2002 on PC

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  • tmb interesting effect :) I remember there was a compo on the net about solar eclipse effect... no 256b limit though
  • LGDT tmb: thanx for the comment. i'm thinking of doing it with some volumetric lighting but it's still too large.
  • LGDT I mean a cheat. Just some rays which look volumetric.
  • tmb I wanna see a volumetric effect in 256b
  • LGDT it is too difficult, i'm just a begginer
  • LGDT i m trying to write one anyway
  • legalize download link doesn't work anymore
  • P01 LGDT just send me the intro to mirror it on http://www.256b.com
  • dila very cool, actually interesting to watch

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