LIFE! by Bonz / ?

3download this **** 256b Bonz_life.zip

rotozooming game of life, with blur My second 256b intro

released @ Attrib Compo II in 2001 on PC

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  • bonz can some administrator change the domain from 'pcsiwa.rett.polimi.it' to 'queen.rett.polimi.it'? thanks :-)
  • poi no problem mate ^__^
  • poi it's a cool implementation of game of life. the rotozoom is a little sluggish on my athlon1.4, it might be more intel friendly, dunno
  • bonz It uses no FPU in the inner loop and syncs with the retrace, so it should not be your athlon fault. I have a PII266 here
  • Tyr Thats a gorgeous concept, and really nicely done.
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