comatose by Silique / Bizzare Devs

3download this ***** 256b comatose.zip

ranked 2 @ 0a000h 2002 in 2002 on PC

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  • me amazing stuff. nice details and cool white horizon. i watched this like 5 minutes :)
  • stefan holy fuck!
  • LGDT i dunno why this didnt get the first place
  • gjw crazy good; very creepy, like being trapped under ice
  • billy this is great
  • Me very slow, very cool. reminds me of the fight club intro
  • trez this one is the next lattice... awesome !
  • per absolutley awesome!!!!!
  • z1armedman very cool, that also reminds me of the beginningof the fight cub logo with the synapsis
  • Intrinsic Wow, how he does this...wow
  • Intrinsic Oh, and more impressive than tube imo
  • srw Unbelievable!
  • eye uuuuunnnnbeeeeeliiiiieeeevaabbllll
  • Optimus That looks so cool after a while. Like travelling into something very strange endlessly..
  • Knotty WTF?? Those are the coolest 256 bytes I have ever seen by a long chalk. Wow.
  • MathM *votes Silique*
  • dub crazy amazing great what else?...
  • The Evil Genius WoW!!!! It looks like it could have been a looped FMV sequence from a Genesis/SegaCD or SNES system. I mean that in a good way. Very Impressive.
  • Iron Wallaby Amazing stuff. I'm disassembling this to see if I can figure anything out, heh... completely awesome. :)
  • Intrinsic I do see what you mean Evil, Microcosm anyone? :)
  • DiLA great but slow
  • silique check this out: http://silique.webpark.sk/comatose_hq.html ..try to download the anim gif and run it (in e.g. ejsidisi) on some 75% of the screen size with a black bckground.. that should run a bit faster..:)
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