Omena by tmb / hedwund

3download this **** 256b omena.zip

Ho the managing pages are not that secure :)

ranked 2 @ X-Mas '01 in 2001 on PC

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This demo have been downloaded 2 301 times among which 1 100 times the previous month.

  • tmb wow, I'm surprised this got this high
  • AttiDude really cool .. how do u ppl manage to code these ??
  • vbg this isnt that great to look at.. hmmm and wtf this doesnt have fog and blur and its fast as on my system
  • > :D background is really cool...
  • DB It's hypnotic, but would be better if it was slower and smoother
  • hitchhikr very good
  • macaw crap
  • /me olen 0mena! :P

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