I like ya, Tweety! by Silique / Bizzare Devs

3download this **** 256b ilikeya.zip

ranked 3 @ Demobit '01 on PC

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  • poi this one smashes poledneDotCom ^__^
  • baze yep! ;]
  • azn i can't download it.
  • Tag Nice. One of the best 256b i've seen
  • der Bregen Thats rocky!!11
  • MZ1453 Not only impressive as 256bytes... it also looks good!! A rival to "Tube"!!
  • gr0 incredible. about as good as "tube".
  • DiLA i agree..
  • Cyber RULEZ!! I agree, about as good as "Tube"
  • zxc this one beats mars.exe

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