Oxlpka by Silique / Bizzare Devs

3download this ***** 256b oxlpka.zip

ranked 2 @ Demobit '01 in 2001 on PC

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  • tmb this is pretty damn nice.
  • me again! Way Too Slow!! Not friendly Either!
  • P01 I love this one
  • Intrinsic V impressive. slow yeah even on my beast of a machine. The floor looks almost Voxel-ish At least a heightmap of some kind
  • Intrinsic And if you check his other works(voxels) good chance this are again :)
  • Optimus Good, but too slow. Even in this machine..
  • DiLA wish i had a decent machine to run this on :/
  • ninja/marsmellow kewl.
  • crs i've never seen anything from the same class of this effect in 256b. hat off!
  • etak truly a KickAss.

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