Lattice by Baze / 3SC

3download this ***** 256b lattice.zip

El Perros Bollocks : Impressive implicit surface renderer. The brute force method is a bit slow but the neat texture and colors really make it. Palletised organic-like rendering. A few years ahead of it's processing power though.

ranked 1 @ Demobit '01 in 2001 on PC

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  • poi really brutal but I love it and the colors are pretty
  • ? download.php?id=225
  • poi ^__^ you mean http://www.256b.com/demo.php?demoId=225
  • Optimus Really slow, but so beautifull and impressive for a 256b..
  • nula well, this is really great ;P
  • LGDT What do you mean by "brutal force method"? Do you draw lots of pixels?
  • LGDT (it is really good)
  • LGDT (better than "TUBE")
  • LGDT demoid=256 256! :))))))
  • poi by brutal, I mean, that ( if I'm right ), Baze compute every voxel of the volume until he haven't found a FULL voxel, so the further the voxel are the more computing time was spent for ... nothing
  • busho Hm... actually there is a simple algorithm guessing how far you can jump along the ray to save time but not to miss the intersection point. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • poi I guess such an algo exist, but I doubt it might fit in a 256b demo.
  • poi I used the same brutal method when I did my first 3D metaballs ( hadn't heard of marching cubes at that time ) except I did it in a dichotomic way
  • baze busho: you are actually right. what I'm doing is x = x + dx * func * < some ugly constant > . poi: not every pixel and not for nothing... number of iterations is used to calculate "depth shading" :)
  • poi baze: using the number of iterations as depth shading was so obvious that I didn't even mentionned it > __ < , x = x + dx * func isn't it like forward differencies ?
  • baze poi: kinda, though simplier. that < const > should be in ideal case equal to maximal possible gradient of func. it's possible to increase speed of this intro by factor of 2 just by manipulating with this constant. however, it'd have ugly visual impact
  • baze ...pth of field would unaesthetically grow.
  • PigPen shut up, it rox! :D
  • Amo Fantastic!
  • cTrix Source code has me boggled. I understand it switches to mode 13 (VGA), then there's an esc trapper and a palette call, from there I'm lost!! Coding genius
  • Madsy OK! WHO WROTE Sleep(2000); in his mainloop! :p Slow but, still a masterpiece! Great work
  • h_t_p Sierpinski would be proud
  • :| sad
  • bobby you should drink less alcohol
  • PrismO Runs at ~0.5fps on a P200... but still can't get my eyes off of it =)
  • DB Yey 3fps on my P4 2Ghz 8-)
  • ruks master work, really nice but slow :)
  • NeZbiE Slow, but fantastic. Maybe in a year or two I will be able to watch this with a decent framerate =)
  • DuDe It's amazing!! We praise you
  • tikka awesome
  • El Topo Ultra slow on my old shitbox but still amazing!
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