Ultra by Khamoon / Tube27

3download this **** 256b ultra.zip

i like cylinders and noise ... expecially when they're fogged then blurred ack doesnt work on my computer really cool though a little slow.

released @ Rush Hours 1998 in 1998 on PC

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  • billy didnt work on w2k
  • Marasmus That's awesome! I love the recursive mini-viewport windows!
  • Me For w2k, hit alt+enter right after running it, you get [frozen], and hit it again.. works fine - cool
  • vbg didnt work on xp.. tried w2k trick above didnt work either
  • Samson Works fine on XP. Just start it from the command line
  • DB works for 1s in WinXP from command prompt
  • Intrinsic It 1 frame then craps out about 2/3's way down on 2nd one for me

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