Yopt by Shr / Mnemonic

3download this **** 256b yopt.zip

Another polar plasma Nice effect, ok pallete, good speed..

ranked 9 @ Contest '99 in 1999 on PC

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  • shr IMHO it is not slow, it was not in 1999, either. but I never now it is cylindrical voxel =) and noice? it's only a blurred random with a self effect or so... a newbie unopt thingie with good colors. sorry, I must write this comment :)
  • Optimus Lol! You haven't noticed something shr! It's just that poi hasn't finished with the coding of the website, and just in every effect you click it's written the same "Cylindrical voxel...blabla" and "really cool though a little slow" ;)
  • Optimus Ok,. I have fixed few comments. I hope others will do so too...
  • P01 nice plasma
  • DiLA inspirational

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