Yew 2 by Shr / Mnemonic

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A 3d object looking like texture mapped behind a blurred background The sequel of Yew! Not that good object, much slower, but nicer colors and background. One of the very first 3d tiny intros..

ranked 1 @ Conference '99 in 1999 on PC

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tags: 3d

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  • shr not so good object as in yew. not perfect colors, but I couldn't do against that. very similar to yew, but it is slower. 64K fsincos per cycle or what. perverse, I know.
  • Optimus Quite slower than Yew (But both run fine in modern machines), something like texture mapped object (Again with the multiple 3d bobs technique?) I would like to see a Yew3 or something like that oneday, Shr come back! :)
  • Crazy Forgot to handle ESC-key?
  • shr Crazo: no, I never forget that. but I had that time only dos on my computer, and under dos and maybe under win98 too esc works... but on w2k, xp not :(
  • shr galen, I planned some glenz+adlib thingie, but now I don't think there will be ever yew3 =) it was enough.
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