Yew by Shr / Mnemonic

3download this ***** 256b shr-yew.zip

A nice yellow gouraud shaded 3d polyhedron in front of a XOR background Very good for it's time! One of the first 3d tiny intros..

ranked 2 @ Rage '99 in 1999 on PC

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  • shr why have my intros the samedescription?! slow? the wuicker version was 258 bytes a few hours before deadline :) and so I use fpu slowness to avoid syncronization. and it's not too slow in my PI-166 ;)
  • poi I've warned people about thedescription and comment mess of old prod ( below #277 ) in the news :p I'm terribly sorry about that and will enter ( by hand ) the 277descriptions asap;
  • Optimus This one was one of the first 256byte intros with good 3d I had ever seen and kept in my favorites folder, preety nice object looking like gouarud shaded (But now I learned that it's not gouraud, but shaded in Z,. and also that it is not poly's but mu
  • Optimus le 3d bobs) Nice! (Sorry,. I will try to write shorter comments next time)
  • tmb still impressive in the innovativeness
  • chut really nice work!
  • DiLA yup

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